April 2020

Informal First Name


The Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board (SPTRB) requires individuals to use their legal name on all legal records and official documents supplied to and provided by the SPTRB.
 As an inclusive community, we also understand and appreciate that applicants and registrants may use a first name other than their legal first name(s) to identify themselves and that this informal or preferred first name may be used wherever possible in communications with the SPTRB. 

The SPTRB has recently added the ability for applicants and registrants to indicate an informal first name to be used in communications with our office.

Supporting documentation is not required but it is assumed that informal first names will be provided for the intended purpose of this process and be appropriate.

All documentation related to your SPTRB application for certification MUST be in your legal name.

All official documents (i.e. teaching certificates, Additional Qualification Certificates, Statements of Professional Standing, and replacement certificates) will be issued with your full legal name.

Current Registrants

As part of implementing the informal first name option, the informal name field has been defaulted to your legal first name. 
You can update your informal first name by signing into your SPTRB profile and navigating to your Educator Profile, then click the pencil icon to the right of the section titled “Educator Information”. You can then update your informal name. 

You will also be able to enter your informal name when completing your Annual Registration.

The name entered in the Informal Name field will be used for communications only.
 If you do not have an informal name, then please leave this field as your first name.

New Applicants

New applicants to the SPTRB will be able to provide their informal name at the time of creating an account with the SPTRB or as part of their application form. 
New applicants will also be able to add or edit their informal name in their SPTRB profile.