Guide for Completing the Certification Application

Please read the following instructions carefully before beginning your application to ensure you have all the required information prepared:

 1.  All applications must be completed online.
 2.  All applicants must create an online account to access the online application form.
 3.  Upload copies of documents as requested. 
 4.  Determine which documents you may be required to submit based on your existing teacher's certificates:

           •  Saskatchewan Teacher Education Program (No Previous Teacher's Certificate(s))
           •  Canadian and United States Teacher's Certificate Holder (or US Teacher Certificate Eligibility)
           •  International Teacher Education Program (No Canadian Teacher's Certificate(s))

 5.  The online application allows you to enter data, save a partially filled form, logout, and resume the application by logging in again.
 6.  Once you submit your application, no further changes can be made.  
 7.  Applicants who have selected the online payment option will follow the instructions given in the payment section and complete the payment process.


     Click Create Account at the top right-hand corner of this page.
     Fill in the required data by following the instructions in the online form.
     Click Save to save changed and create your account.
     Your account will remain logged in so that you can begin the Certification Application.
     Click Certification
     Click Apply for Certification
     Click Apply Online to begin your application
   ♦  Applicants must be certified in the jurisdiction where their teacher education program was completed.
   ♦  Applications will be assessed once ALL required documents are received.