In order to practice the profession of teaching in Saskatchewan's publicly funded school systems, certified teachers are required to register on an annual basis with the SPTRB. All teachers who register with the SPTRB will appear on the Public Registry.

Information about Annual Registration Fees can be found here.

How to Register


To register, you must sign in to your SPTRB profile and access the Registration Renewal application form.


There are four sections to the registration form:
       Contact Information
       Employer Information
       Confidential Disclosure


Additional details and instructions are below.

1.  Sign in to your SPTRB account

       Click SIGN IN at the top right-hand corner of the SPTRB website
       Enter your username (7-digit certificate number OR email address you chose)
       Enter your password

If you have forgotten your password, click 'Forgot Password' and an email to reset it will be sent to the email you have registered on your SPTRB member account.

If you have ever held a Saskatchewan teachers certificate do not create a new account if you are unable to log in. Contact our office at and we will assist you.

2.  Access Registration Form

       Click Educator Profile at the top of the page
       Click Applications 
       Click Registration Renewal 
       Read all instructions thoroughly and click Apply Online

3.  Complete Registration Renewal Form

Contact Information

       Update or confirm your personal contact information. 

Employment Information
       As part of the registration process, you will be asked to indicate your employer in the school year you are registering for. Depending on your employment situation, you may be asked to indicate your School Assignment. You can add multiple employers or school assignments by clicking "Add Another". Your employment entries will link you to the reports which your employer will use to ensure that you have registered.

       To assist in making the appropriate selections, please refer to the chart below:

Employment Situation 


  School Assignment 

  School Division: Contract Teachers    Choose School Division & Position    Choose School Name and Role
  School Division: Substitute Teachers
   Choose School Division & Position    Not Applicable
  *School Division: Non-Teaching Position    Choose School Division & Position    Not Applicable
  On-Leave    Choose School Division    Not Applicable
  First Nation School
   Choose "Employed by a First Nation" & Position    Choose School Name and Role
  Independent School    Choose "Independent Schools Branch" & Position    Choose School Name and Role
  Employed at Sask DLC     Choose “Saskatchewan Distance Learning Corporation (Sask DLC)"    Not Applicable
  Post-Secondary Institution
   Choose Employer & Position
   Not Applicable 
  Custody and/or Care Facility    Choose “Custody and Care Facility” & Position    Not Applicable 
  Ministry of Education    Choose “Ministry of Education (Registration Purposes)”    Not Applicable 
  Retired and NOT teaching 
   Choose “Retired and Not Teaching”    Not Applicable
  Retired but MAY teach/sub in the school year    Choose “Other"    Not Applicable 
  Employed outside of Saskatchewan    Choose “Employed Outside of Saskatchewan"    Not Applicable
  None of the above    Choose “Other"    Not Applicable 
    *Non-Teaching positions include consultants, counsellors, directors, psychologists, speech language pathologists, superintendents. 

Confidential Disclosure
      Answer the confidential disclosure question. If you answer "Yes", you will be prompted to provide a summary of the situation.

      Read the declaration and indicate if you agree in the check box.

Submitting the Form
      Click Submit.

      No changes can be made once application is submitted.
      Applicants completing the annual registration from May-August will NOT be presented with a fee payment screen.
     *As of January 1, 2025 - You will be taken to a payment page to pay your registration fee. You can pay with a credit card, or mail a cheque or money order to the SPTRB office
               If payment is not submitted, you will not be registered.
      Your name will appear on the Public Registry once the application is approved (usually within 24 hours of payment).