*Fees are non-transferrable, non-refundable, and subject to change without notice
*Fees are in Canadian currency and must be submitted in Canadian currency

Annual Registration Fee

   ●   Annual Registration    $99.75 (Includes GST) 

For further information regarding the Annual Registration process, click here.

Certificate Application Fees
    Saskatchewan Education Graduates    $110.25 (Includes GST) 
    Saskatchewan Education Graduates - Pre B.Ed. Assessment   $215.25 (Includes GST) 
    Canadian Education Program    $215.25 (Includes GST) 
    American Education Program   $215.25 (Includes GST) 
   ●  International Education Program   $267.75 (Includes GST) 
    Additional Qualification Certificate      $57.75 (Includes GST) 
    Renewal of Provisional Certificate     $57.75 (Includes GST) 

For further information regarding certification application requirements, click here.
For further information regarding Additional Qualification Certificate requirements, click here.

Temporary Teaching Permit Fees
   ●  Initial    $131.25 (Includes GST) 
   ●  Subsequent      $57.75 (Includes GST)

For further information regarding application requirements, click here.

Other Service Fees
   ●   Replacement Certificate  $31.50 (Includes GST)
   ●   Statement of Professional Standing   $57.75 (Includes GST)
   ●   Provision of copies of documents to a third party   $31.50 per document (Includes GST) 

For further information on the request processes, click here.