Salary Classification

The SPTRB has no involvement with salary or salary classification decisions and questions related to these matters should be directed to the following:

  1. Information about Teacher Salary Classification is available through the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation website:

    Teacher Classification Salary – Summary Abstract
    Teachers’ Salaries

  2. Classification questions should be directed to your employer first. If they are unable to assist you, contact the Ministry of Education (contact information below).

  3. Ministry of Education
    Salary classification inquiries, should be directed to


If you are an Employer with questions relating to a WES Evaluation, please email

Employers may review employee transcripts on file with the SPTRB via their Employer Portal.


Additional Qualification Certificate

Teachers holding a Professional A Certificate may qualify for an Additional Qualification Certificate (AQC) upon completion of additional study.  An AQC helps ensure that the province of Saskatchewan has teachers who are specialized in required subject areas for our classrooms.  An AQC certifies that the additional study was completed at a recognized post-secondary institution, is equivalent to a year (two full-time semesters) in length and is relevant to Pre-K to 12 education in Saskatchewan.   In most, but not all, situations an AQC will result in a salary class increase.  Teachers should confirm the impact that an AQC will have on their salary with their employer prior to beginning a course of study. 

A Master’s degree is not recognized as an AQC. If you are considering enrolling in a Master’s degree program for salary classification purposes, please discuss this option with your employer.


Institution / Program approval

If you are directed to verify if an institution/program is approved/recognized as being accredited, you can check here:

               Canadian Institutions

               United States Institutions