Registration FAQs

Anyone who holds a position in which a Saskatchewan teacher’s certificate is required for employment within the publicly funded school system must register with the SPTRB. Additionally, some employers outside of the publicly funded system may require their teachers to be registered with the SPTRB.

The Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board (SPTRB) is an independent organization charged with the responsibility of regulating the teaching profession in Saskatchewan. The SPTRB is the provincial system of record for teaching credentials. The SPTRB, as do all other self-regulated professions, requires annual registration. The annual registration process requires registrants who wish to practice the profession (as outlined in question number 1)  to provide up to date contact information to the SPTRB and to answer a series of disclosure statements. Most professional regulatory bodies also charge an annual registration fee during the registration process. This fee serves as the primary source of revenue for the regulatory body. 

If you currently do not have an employer, you can select the Other option. Once you do have an employer, please sign in to your SPTRB account to update your employment information. You can access this by clicking Educator Profile once you have signed in to your SPTRB account.

Yes, substitute teachers must register with the SPTRB. If needed, you can add multiple employing school divisions to your record under the Employer field. You are not required to provide specific school assignments but you must indicate you are a substitute teacher.

You are not required to register if you are retiring. You may register in order to stay up-to-date and in contact with the SPTRB. However, if you choose to do any substitute teaching, you must be registered.

Yes, teachers remain employed while on leave and are consequently required to register with the SPTRB.


If you were certified before October 2015 by the Ministry of Education, your username is your 7-digit teacher’s certificate number. If you were certified after October 2015 by the SPTRB, your username is the email address you entered when you created your SPTRB account. You can request a password reset if you do not remember your password. This will be sent to the email address you entered on your SPTRB member account or the email we have on file for you.

The dates you enter should match the registration year dates: September 1 - August 31.

The dates you enter should match the registration year dates: September 1 - August 31.

Once you submit your registration application you cannot go back and make any edits to the form. However, you can sign in to your SPTRB account at any time to update your contact information, employer or school assignment. Once signed in, click Educator Profile to access this information. NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours for your recent registration form to be available for editing.

Once your registration renewal has been received and approved (please allow 24 hours for this to occur), there are two ways to check your registration:
1. Your name will appear on the SPTRB
Public Registry

2. A printable Registration Verification card will be available in your Educator Profile> Registration Verification.

Please Note: Your employer and principal will only be notified when you are registered IF YOU HAVE INDICATED YOUR EMPLOYER AND SCHOOL on your registration renewal form OR in your Educator Profile.

Email a copy of your name change document (example: marriage certificate) to the SPTRB at Please include your current name, your Saskatchewan Teacher’s Certificate number and the date that your new name came into effect.