Recruiting Test Takers for a Language Test Pilot for the Teaching Profession

English-speaking, French-speaking, and bilingual teachers and teacher candidates are being recruited to participate in pilot testing of an online pan-Canadian language assessment tool.

What is the incentive?

Test takers will receive a $150 incentive on behalf of the registrar’s office in your Ministry of Education, College, or Board distributed via an Interac e-transfer and a letter of appreciation 4-8 weeks after completion and review of the test. Bilingual (French-English) test takers can take the test in both languages and will be eligible to receive the incentive twice.

Who can participate?

The following English-speaking, French-speaking, and bilingual test takers are being recruited: 
◊    internationally educated teachers, including those who are applying for certification or who not have a teaching certificate in Canada (for example, teachers who are currently completing additional studies or working in another profession);
  teacher candidates in the final stages of a teacher education program in Canada; 
    recent graduates (less than 5 years) of a teacher education program in Canada.

Your participation will support teacher mobility and help ensure more consistent language competency standards across provinces and territories, with the exception of Quebec, which will continue to use its own language test.

Download full information packet here:

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To participate, please complete the registration form at