Registration Renewal


How To Apply:
  • Please read all instructions carefully.
  • Confirm or update your contact information.
  • Indicate your Employment Situation for the school year.
    • Your employment entries will link you to the reports which your employer will use to ensure that you have registered.
    • Select your situation from the drop down menu.
    • You may select multiple employment situations as needed.
    • Click "Add Another" for multiple employers.
  • Indicate your School Assignment for the school year if required.
    • Click "Add Another" if assigned to more than one school.
  • To assist in making the appropriate selections, please refer to the chart below:

Employment Situation 


  School Assignment 

  School Division: Contract Teachers    Choose School Division & Position    Choose School Name and Role
  School Division: Substitute Teachers
   Choose School Division & Position    Not Applicable
  *School Division: Non-Teaching Position    Choose School Division & Position    Not Applicable
  On-Leave    Choose School Division    Not Applicable
  First Nation School
   Choose "Employed by a First Nation" & Position    Choose School Name and Role
  Independent School    Choose "Independent Schools Branch" & Position    Choose School Name and Role
  Employed at Sask DLC    Choose “Saskatchewan Distance Learning Corporation (Sask DLC)"    Not Applicable 
  Post-Secondary Institution
   Choose Employer & Position
   Not Applicable 
  Custody and/or Care Facility    Choose “Custody and Care Facility” & Position    Not Applicable 
  Ministry of Education    Choose “Ministry of Education (Registration Purposes)”    Not Applicable 
  Retired and NOT teaching 
   Choose “Retired and Not Teaching”    Not Applicable
  Retired but MAY teach/sub in the school year    Choose “Other"    Not Applicable 
  Employed outside of Saskatchewan    Choose “Employed Outside of Saskatchewan"    Not Applicable
  None of the above    Choose “Other"    Not Applicable 
    *Non-Teaching positions include consultants, counsellors, directors, psychologists, speech language pathologists, superintendents. 

  • Answer the Confidential Disclosure question.
  • Read the Declaration and indicate if you agree.
  • The application allows you to click "Cancel" and restart the application.
  • Click "Submit" when you have completed the application.
  • Once your application is received and approved, a wallet-sized, printable Registration Verification card will be available in your educator profile.
  • Once an application has been submitted, no further changes can be made, however, you can update your contact information and employment information on your profile.

Annual Registration Fees:
  • Applicants completing the annual registration from May-August will NOT be presented with a fee payment screen.
  • Annual Registration fee information, including if you will be individually responsible for payment of the fee can be found at the Annual Registration Fee Information Page.

Click "Apply Online" when you are ready to begin your application.

NOTICE: Pursuant to Section 26(2) of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, this information is collected for the purpose of determining the applicant's eligibility for a Saskatchewan teacher's registration in accordance with Section 23 of The Registered Teachers Act. Personal information will be used only for the purpose for which it is collected and will not be disclosed except in accordance with The Act.
You are not eligible to complete this application at this time.3