AQC Integrated Programs

The Integrated Program is developed by the individual teacher in consultation with the Registrar of the SPTRB. Since it does not need to result in a degree, diploma or certificate, the teacher may complete requirements for the Integrated Program at more than one approved institution. An Integrated Program AQC must involve an area of teaching that is different from the teacher's major or minor in their initial teacher education program and cannot use any coursework that was applied to initial teacher certification. Please note that an Integrated Program must not include more than two additional areas of teaching. 

Teachers planning an Integrated Program must familiarize themselves with the procedures and requirements for the AQC. Universities are not responsible for determining the program for the teacher. Universities may advise on appropriate coursework and its availability. There are two types of Integrated Programs:

    1.  A program that consists of a minimum of 18 semester hours of graduate work and a maximum of 12 hours of undergraduate work; or 
  2.  A program that consists of:  
             a maximum of 9 semester hours of introductory coursework, defined as courses that have no pre-requisite; and 
    minimum of 21 semester hours of undergraduate coursework that require a pre-requisite and/or graduate coursework. 

An application for approval to develop an Integrated Program must be submitted to the Registrar before commencing coursework. Click here  for an Integrated Program Plan template to use when planning your Integrated Program.

Completion of the program must address an identified need. Identified areas of need are: secondary mathematics, physics and chemistry, practical and applied arts, computer science, in-school administration, special needs education and Aboriginal education, including Native Studies and languages. This list has been updated to include French, school librarianship, early childhood education, English as another language, and career counselling.

Local jurisdictions may have needs specific to their area. Teachers must supply a letter of support from their employing board of education and any other pertinent documentation with their application confirming that an Intended Area of Study, besides those listed above, is an area of local need.

The Ministry of Education along with the SPTRB have approved Early Childhood Education courses that can be taken as an AQC Integrated Program. Click here for more information about course options and approved institutions offering the courses

The Certificate of Reconciliation Studies offered by the First Nations University of Canada consists of 18 credit hours of study and, as such, the certificate alone does not qualify for an AQC.  However, this certificate in conjunction with an additional 12 credit hours of study would be considered as an AQC Integrated Program. Please note advance approval by the SPTRB Registrar is required as it is with all AQC Integrated Programs.

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate: Inclusive Education offered by Athabasca University is considered an Integrated Program. Specific Courses must be selected to qualify for an AQC. See details here .

The Certificate in Career Development offered by Athabasca University is considered an Integrated Program. Coursework must be submitted for prior approval prior to beginning coursework. Coursework for this program may also be included in an Integrated Program that comprises coursework from the University of Saskatchewan.