Application Requirements for International Teacher Education Program Graduates 

  Application Requirements (Please read before beginning application.)
     1.    Online Application Form and Fee ($267.75 non-refundable and non-transferrable).
  2.    Gender identification selected from one of the following options: Male, Female, X (Unspecified, i.e. includes but not limited to Trans, Non-Binary, Two-Spirited, etc.), Choose not to disclose (i.e. You may idenitfy with any of the gender options provided but do not want to disclose).
  3.   Government Issued ID: Birth Certificate or Valid/Current Passport with full legal name.
  4.   Marriage Certificate / Change of Name Certificate / Divorce Certificate (if your name has changed since birth).
  5.   Post-Secondary transcripts for all post-secondary schooling taken outside of North America must be sent directly to World Education Services (WES) from the issuing institution.  An International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP) is required, and the results must be forwarded to the SPTRB. WES will provide English translations of transcripts.
  6.   Post-Secondary transcripts from all post-secondary schooling taken in North America must be sent directly to the SPTRB from the issuing institution.
Applications will be reviewed by a certification analyst once these documents are received. The applicant will receive a detailed email outlining the additional documents the certification analyst requires to complete the assessment.
  Documents that may be required
      Secondary School Graduation Diploma - If you attended secondary school (high school) outside of North America, you must provide proof of the highest level of secondary education you have completed.
  Statement of Professional Standing - from every jurisdiction where you have been issued a teacher's certificate. A Statement of Professional Standing is a letter from a licensing body or an education ministry that says your right to teach has never been suspended, revoked or canceled. Click here for more information about documents from other countries. Statements of Professional Standing must be sent directly to the SPTRB by the issuing institution.
    Verification Letter - may be requested to describe your teacher education program, including details about your practicum.
  Teacher's certificate from the jurisdiction where you completed your teacher education program or proof that you hold authorization to teach in the jurisdiction where you completed your teacher education program.
  Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Search (must be for employment purposes and valid within three months of certification date).
  English or French Language Competency:
       ▪ For detailed information, click here .
  •  Click here to review the country-specific materials that are required for documents that come from outside of Canada. PLEASE USE THIS WEBSITE FOR INFORMATION ONLY. Ensure all documents are forwarded directly to the SPTRB.  
  •  If any of your documents, with the exception of transcripts, are not in English or French, you must provide the SPTRB with an English translation. Ensure that the original document is sent to the SPTRB from the issuing institution.  You can request a copy of any document from the SPTRB to be sent to you to be translated. Translations must come from one of the following sources:
   ♦   An associate or certified member of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Saskatchewan:;
   ♦  A document translation service pre-approved by the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board;
   ♦  The consulate, high commission, or embassy (in Canada) of the country that issued your documents; or
   ♦  A Canadian embassy, consulate, or high commission in the country from which you emigrated.
  Applications will be assessed once ALL required documents have been received. A general timeline for processing international applications is 6 months. Exact processing times will depend on the complexity of the application.

University of Saskatchewan’s Internationally Educated Teachers Certificate (IETC) Program and University of Regina’s Certificate for Internationally Trained Educators (CITE)

If you are missing requirements for a Saskatchewan teacher's certificate your assessment may include your eligibility for these certificate programs offered at the University of Regina or University of Saskatchewan. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the programs.
Review and Appeal Process

If you disagree with our assessment, you may request an appeal of our evaluation decision within 40 days of the decision.  Appeals must identify the section of the Regulatory Bylaw that you believe has been incorrectly applied to your application and include the reason(s) for your belief.  Appeals may be emailed to:

   Chairperson, Certification Decision Review Committee
   c/o Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board